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Waves adds EQ Correction for Nx headphone mixing plugins.

Waves add crucial EQ Correction throughout their popular Nx line.

Waves has announced a major update for of all their Nx headphone mixing plugins, adding EQ correction curves for over 270 popular pro audio headphone models by 54 headphone brands.

With this new update, all Waves Nx plugins, including Abbey Road Studio 3, Nx Ocean Way Nashville, CLA Nx, Nx Germano Studios New York, and Nx Virtual Mix Room, now offer EQ correction profiles for practically every pro audio headphone model, by AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, Focal, Audeze and dozens more brands.

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Heavyocity introduces Mosaic Pads.

Heavyocity adds Pads to their growing Mosaic series.

Mosaic Pads is the newest addition to Heavyocity’s acclaimed Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments. Mosaic Pads transforms a myriad of hand-crafted, synthesized sounds into a wide range of cinematic possibilities. Brimming with inspiration and intangible movement, these unique soundscapes, eerie tones, and unearthly textures were designed to enhance any score—setting an instant mood and evoking an entirely new level of creativity.

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Roland announces the forthcoming SPD-SX Pro.

Meet the latest iteration of the world-popular Roland SPD-SX.

Born of user feedback fueled by extensive road testing of the touring standard, this high performance instrument raises the bar with a full array of professional enhancements.

Offering customizable trigger LEDs, increased audio outputs and trigger inputs from its predecessor, massive onboard memory, and much more, the rugged and reliable SPD-SX Pro sets a new standard for stage drummers and all types of creative performers.

The SPD-SX Pro will be available in the U.S. in October, priced at $1,199.99.


Acustica Audio announces JET Volume C is now available.

Acustica debuts the JET Volume C plugin.

JET Volume C is an all-new, super transparent dynamic equalizer plugin suite consisting of two free players: JET and JET MIX. They already include three different EQ models by default.

JET Volume C features 4 different EQ models, including: Jade (EQ B), producing a warm and smooth sound: Brown (EQ 312), a rare American 3-band inductor-based EQ; Snow EQ, a modern 3-band EQ with astonishing transparency; Blond (EQ A); an extremely transparent vintage Italian 4-band EQ.

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