Lions at the gate feat. Former ill niÑo members: video of first-ever concert

lions on the gate, the new band offering former sick niÑo contributors cristian machado (vocals),ahrue “luster” ilustre (guitar) and diego verduzco (guitar),alongside bassist stephen brewer (westfield massacre) and drummer fern lemus, made its live debut on april 28 at the mythical whisky a move cross in west hollywood, california. Fan-filmed video of the concert may be seen beneath. Closing month, lions on the gate released the official music video for its new song, “locate my way”, featuring tatiana shmayluk of jinjer. Lions at the gate launched its debut unmarried, “no longer even human”, lower back in june 2021.

“locate my manner”, along side formerly launched singles “bed of nails”, “scapegoat” and “now not even human”, are anticipated to seem on lions on the gate’s upcoming debut album, which became produced with the aid of kile odell, who has previously labored with fozzy and immobile in white. Whilst lions on the gate’s formation changed into first announced, machado stated: “i sense so blessed to be in lions at the gate. We have all been making albums for a long term however i suppose it was time for us to make some thing special and noteworthy once more. This album is precisely that. Remove our musical history, dispose of our long hair, eliminate our personal feelings, just make trust we were never there. This lions on the gate album is incredible. We eventually made a cutting-edge steel album that metalheads will revel in starting to give up. It’s deep, it is memorable, i can not look forward to every body to pay attention it, i can’t watch for everyone to pay attention the featured girl artist on one of the songs.”

verduzco introduced: “i am beyond proud and excited to announce our new band lions on the gate. Life is all about change and i experience that this track is the most dynamic and honest that we have ever written. I sense a feel of freedom and am absolutely reinvigorated or even disturbing (in a terrific manner) to be part of something that attracts have an impact on from such a lot of guidelines . Every member brings a unique set of skills and equipment. It’s quite frankly a number of the satisfactory music we’ve ever written. Organic, sincere, and genuine.”

luster said: “i’m greater excited about lions at the gate than whatever that i’ve been a part of considering that i started out my musical profession.”

luster discussed his renewed collaboration with machado and verduzco in an interview with pierre gutierrez of rock talks. He said: “i cannot even explain how satisfied i am with how this got here out. It sounds, in my opinion, better than anything that cristian and i’ve ever performed together, and that consists of all the sick niÑo facts that we have done together.”

asked about the musical direction of lions at the gate, ahrue stated: “it is a totally polished sound, much like… i do not wanna say it seems like [ill niÑo’s 2003 album] ‘confession’, but there’s a number of making a song on it, there may be a variety of production. But at the identical time, there’s heaviness to it. However the songs are higher than anything we’ve written. And the loopy component was the technique of writing ’em become way simpler than it has ever been for us. Generally an ill niÑo document would take us three to 6 months to complete. We completed this report in 20 days, and we accept as true with it sounds higher than anything we’ve got ever completed within the past.”

speakme about lions at the gate’s collaboration with odell, ahrue stated: “he is worked with awful wolves. I think he may additionally have co-wrote with them. However he has a large resume, and he’s had, like, five number one hits ultimate 12 months. And he changed into exceptional to work with. I have labored with ross robinson, i have labored with johnny k, i’ve labored with terry date, as a mixer, and i have worked with some different large names within the industry which have all had platinum records, and i’ll say, palms down, kile odell is top notch. I might say, second to [machine head’s] ‘the burning pink’, it become an splendid enjoy. It became a one of a kind way. As a long way as ross robinson changed into simply into the emotion and getting the emotion out of the players and the tune, odell is very musical and he’s honestly able to help with the songs, and he has a awesome ear and a notable vision.”

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